This is an Endeavor of the Heart!...

A presentation of some of the most unique and beautiful lampshade designs that you
will find anywhere.

   These lampshades are made of heavy stock paper that can take a bit of wear and tear, exquisitely hand-painted with watercolors, and then carefully cut to give the designs shape and vitality when the light shines through.

A hand-cut and pierced lampshade
is a work of art!

 Here you are introduced to cut and pierced lampshades.  Please browse through designs and colors so that you can creatively choose a lampshade that will reflect your own interests and sense of design.  Measure your lamps and select a style.  Most importantly, let me know exactly what you are looking for, especially if you don't see it, and don’t hesitate to ask questions.  I will be most happy to reply.  Let’s create the perfect shade together!

Here is what some of my customers are saying:

"The lampshade goes way beyond every expectation!"

"Your work reflects your special talent and the care you put into it."

"They are so beautiful...beyond what I had expected."

"The shades are a true work of art."

"I had waited to buy new shades for years. Finding your website made the wait all worthwhile."